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Mentorship Program


CAPA is dedicated to ensuring Accreditation Managers and team members for both Law Enforcement and Communications have every resource available to them and their agency while on their journey in obtaining and maintaining ALEAP Accreditation.

The CAPA Mentorship Program is designed to:

  • Assist with agency enrollment into CAPA.

  • Ensure CAPA Accreditation Managers and team members requesting mentorship are assigned a mentor based on similar agency size.

  • Ensure Accreditation Managers and team members are confident in moving forward with the Accreditation process no matter what part of the assessment phase are in.

How your CAPA Mentor can assist you:

  • Supports CAPA and ALEAP mission, vision, and goals.

  • Knowledgeable on ALEAP accreditation processes and offer experience-based suggestions for each step during the process.

  • Is accessible, committed, and engaged during the length of the mentorship.

  • Offer encouragement through positive reinforcement.

  • Share lessons learned from own experiences.

  • Be a resource and sounding board.

  • Be open to one-on-one mentoring and distance mentoring.

  • Ensure the Mentorship Chairperson is aware of any issues that may arise.  Provide feedback on experiences that may assist with future pairing.

Requirements to become a Mentor:

  • Must be an ALEAP Accredited agency.

  • Have 1-year experience as an Accreditation Manager or Team Member.

  • Be able to commit as a Mentor for a minimum of 1-year.

  • Attend Mentor training annually.

CAPA is excited to assist you and your team through your accreditation journey and having a Mentor right by your side! 

If you have any questions, please email your Mentorship Chairperson, Marcella Garcia at or call 480.644.5214 Office/480-244-9561 Work Cell.

Please utilize the following forms to let us know if you are willing to Mentor or if you are an Accreditation Manager and/or team member requesting Mentorship.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Garcia Marcella 11703.jpg

Marcella Garcia

Accreditation Manager

Mesa Police Department

Mountain Ridge

Meet our Mentors

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