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Welcome to the Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ALEAP), where excellence meets accountability.


ALEAP is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and effectiveness within law enforcement agencies across the state of Arizona. Through a rigorous accreditation process, we strive to enhance public trust, ensure operational excellence, and advance the quality of law enforcement services provided to our communities.


By adhering to nationally recognized standards and best practices, ALEAP empowers agencies to continuously improve and adapt to the evolving needs of modern policing. Join us in our commitment to uphold the principles of justice, transparency, and service excellence.

It is the Mission of the Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Program to ensure compliance with established standards and a clear statement of professional objectives, which represent current and professional industry-best-practices in the safe, effective, efficient and non-discriminatory delivery of law enforcement services in the State of Arizona.

What is Accreditation?

A systematic method of conducting a detailed internal review of law enforcement agencies policies, procedures, operations and training

A voluntary program to provide public and professional recognition to those agencies who prove independent assessors that they meet or exceed the rigorous standards of the program.

Goals of Accreditation
  • Formalize essential management procedures for greater accountability

  • Establish fair and non-discriminatory personnel practices

  • Improve service delivery to all Arizona communities

  • Build community trust and confidence in their police department

What are the Standards?
The 175 ALEAP Standards emphasize high-risk, high-liability areas such as:
  • Role and Authority

  • Use of Force

  • Management, Staffing & Utilization of Personnel

  • Records Management

  • Information Technology

  • Fiscal Management

  • Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Code of Conduct

  • Internal Affairs / Professional Responsibility

  • Patrol Functions

  • Evidence and Property Control

  • Detainee Security

  • OSHA Requirements

  • Policing in Indian Country

Community Benefits

Increased ability for the agency to prevent and control crime by following established best-practices

Enhance community understanding of the agency and its role in the community

Increase citizen confidence and understanding of agency policies and procedures


Commits the agency to a broad range of programs that directly benefit the community

Reduced liability exposure for the agency means less tax dollars being diverted to settling vicarious liability suits.

Agency Benefits

Provides a means of independent evaluation of agency operations

Offers a mechanism for agencies to identify and correct deficiencies in agency operations

Requires agencies commit policies and procedures to writing

Minimizes agency exposure to liability, building a stronger defense against lawsuits by strict adherence to established standards

Promotes accountability among agency personnel

Increased confidence by the community in its police department

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