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Coalition for Arizona Police Accreditation

CAPA is an ALEAP member-led coalition that is designed to assist agencies during their pre-enrollment, self-assessment periods, and post accreditation processes. 


The purpose of the coalition is to ensure that, during the accreditation process, team members and Accreditation Managers have an immediate resource for answers to common questions, ideas for proofs, knowledge about adding users, assistance in preparing for Mock and On-Site Assessments, and much more.

CAPA is here to ensure that those beginning, and continuing, the accreditation process, have an available resource to obtain and maintain a successful accreditation with ALEAP!  The official CAPA email is

CAPA Board Members

Sgt. Kelly Ingram, CAPA President

Paradise Valley Police Department

Office:  (480) 348-3524


Stacy Olson, CAPA Vice President

Salt River Police Department

Office: (480) 362-2743

Cell: (928) 925-8282


Jeana Johnson, CAPA Secretary

Wickenburg Police Department

Office: 928-668-0501

CAPA Quarterly Meeting

April 20, 2023
@ the ALEAP Conference

CAPA Member Meetings to be scheduled
January, April, July, & October

*April's Meeting will be held at the ALEAP Conference


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have regarding ALEAP Accreditation.  We will respond promptly!

Thanks for submitting!

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