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Instructions: Please complete each section of this application.  Upon receipt of the application, an invoice will be generated and sent to the applicant via email. Once payment is received via credit card, a review of the documentation will be scheduled and reviewed by the Commission.


Confidentiality Notice: All applicant-related materials submitted to the AACOP Accredited Chief Executive Program shall be held in strict confidence by the ALEAP Commission and AACOP Board of Directors and staff. Applicant's information shall not be released to any other party without the expressed written consent of the applicant. Only the names and current agencies of successful candidates for Accreditation will be released or published by AACOP and/or the ALEAP Commission.

Applicant Information

By electronically signing below, I acknowledge and swear that all information that I have provided within this application is true and accurate.

ACE Certification Sought

Academic Achievement - Highest Achieved Proof Required

Chief/Command Experience

Command Level

Executive Level Courses, AACOP Membership

Proof of Course Completion and Membership Required

Please choose one of the following.  See website for current list of accepted courses.

ACE Chief Certification

Bachelors Degree ONLY

ACE Chief Certification

Masters Degree and above

ACE Command Executive Certification

Associates Degree ONLY

ACE Command Executive Certification

Masters Degree and above

Continuing Education and Recertification Questionnaire

In an effort to provide the most valuable and current curriculum to all program members, please select your top five (5) topics for future professional development. Your input will direct what training modules will be delivered in the future through AACOP's Virtual Academy.

The following questions are for CHIEFS only

Thanks for submitting!

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