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Assessor Applicant:

Please review the following information before completing and submitting your application.


Assessor Qualifications

  • The applicant shall be a resident of Arizona.

  • The applicant shall be employed with an actively enrolled ALEAP law enforcement agency.

  • Applicant shall have three years, preferably five, full-time experience within a law enforcement agency within the past five years.

  • Applicant shall have appropriate experience with a law enforcement accreditation program, as determined by the Commission.

  • Applicant shall have relevant education, training, and experience as determined by the Commission.

  • A minimum of a baccalaureate degree is preferred, and it may be waived for equivalent work experience and education.

  • The applicant shall have a letter of recommendation/approval from the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the applicant’s agency or, if retired in good standing and not currently employed by a law enforcement agency, the applicant shall be recommended by a member of the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police (AACOP).

  • Completion of a statement that the applicant supports the concept of law enforcement accreditation is willing to attend assessor training and will hold all information seen or heard during the assessment process as confidential and only shared with members of the ALEAP Commission, if necessary.

  • Other qualifications are determined by the Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission.

  • The applicant shall be approved by the Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission to attend assessor training.


Assessor Responsibilities

  • Facilitate and verify agency compliance with all standards.

  • Confirm Commission granted standards waivers from compliance and any non-applicable standards related to the agency.

  • Communicate and interact professionally with other assessment team members and agency personnel.

  • Review and inspect agency facilities and equipment on and off-site.

  • Conduct interviews with agency personnel and other applicable citizens and officials.

  • Complete any required written critiques, forms, and reports

  • Represent the Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission and the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police as the Commission’s on-site ambassador for the Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Program.


Assessor Training

Upon Commission approval of your qualifications, you will be contacted to attend assessor training. There is no charge for the training or materials. Travel costs, lodging, and meals for the training are your responsibility. The training class is scheduled for six hours. A refresher training course is required every 36 months to continue your status as an accreditation assessor.


Assessor Reimbursement

Assessors are urged to conduct on-site assessments on their own agency’s time whenever possible. Established guidelines shall reimburse assessors’ expenses for necessary expenses.


Questions regarding the program or process should be directed to:

Kevin E. Rhea, Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Program Manager

Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police

75 E. Civic Center Drive – Gilbert, AZ 85296

Phone: 480-490-0350      Email:

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