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Mr. Jim Jellison


From his experience as a military lawyer to his current role representing Arizona counties, cities, and towns, Jim Jellison has been involved in a wide range of issues unique to public sector law.

Jim served as a Marine Corps Officer and Judge Advocate from 1989 to 1994 for the Marine Corp Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, California.

From 1994 to 2007, Jim served as a partner for the law firm of Schleier, Jellison & Schleier, P.C., engaging in a litigation practice emphasizing employment litigation, governmental liability, and commercial and construction litigation.

Since 2007, Jim has served as the Managing Attorney for Jellison Law Offices, PLLC, with an emphasis on the representation of county and city/town governments in the areas of constitutional law and civil rights, public safety law and litigation, employment law, and general municipal liability. He regularly works with local governmental entities in an effort to resolve matters before litigation results, including risk management/claims avoidance presentations to governmental boards and councils in both executive and public session. Based on the nature of Jim’s practice, he personally handles all litigation matters from the time the claim begins, up through and including any necessary appeal. In addition to litigation activities, Jim serves as counsel on employee merit board matters, and has been appointed special counsel to advise the Pinal County Board of Supervisors in conflict matters.

Since 2017, Jim has overseen the Law Enforcement Assistance Program for Arizona’s Municipal Risk Retention Pool, advising city and town law enforcement agencies on such matters as media relations, high-profile incident management, achieving best police practices, and preparing for and effectively defending law enforcement-related claims.

Mr. Jim Jellison
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