CAPA Quarterly Meeting Summary 8/10/2022

August 10, 2022 CAPA held our first official quarterly meeting. We were so happy to have 22 Accreditation Managers and Assessors from throughout the state attend our virtual meeting.

CAPA Updates

We discussed the by-laws and upcoming changes that will include including our communications departments. Ensuring that all those becoming accredited through ALEAP have access to resources to succeed is our goal, and this will include communications.

CAPA has several membership levels and although your agency may have more than one membership, when it comes to voting, each agency will be allowed one vote per agency. This will ensure small agencies are allotted the same voting power as larger agencies. CAPA will hold elections in May of each year and will hold meetings quarterly.

2022 ALEAP Standards Updates

The 2022 update to the ALEAP standards manual posed some challenges to those of us who had to update our manuals. Some files were moved or deleted upon upgrading, so we have strongly encouraged everyone to ensure your digital files that you keep, either in your PowerDMS documents or on your computer, are updated with the same files you're attaching to your assessments. This way if something is deleted, you can quickly access the document and reupload it to the assessment.

The updated standards manual has more bullet points under some assessments, however, in most cases it is the same information that was formerly condensed into a paragraph and is now easier for assessors to read and ensure proofs are attached properly. One item that some agencies previously received a waiver for was jail facilities (19.5). This assessment now covers jail and holding facilities. Below is a sample holding facilities policy from IACP. As we work on adding these policies to our manuals, we will add additional samples.

Download PDF • 1.11MB

Accessing Accreditation Help

The overall goal of CAPA is to provide agencies looking for assistance with the tools they need for success. We want all agencies to have quick access to other Accreditation Managers and team members who can answer your questions, assist with policy and procedure updates, and guidance when trying to think outside the box to provide proofs of compliance. CAPA relies entirely on the bank of knowledge from our members! YOU are the experts, and other agencies are relying on your foresight and experience to see each other through to the goal of becoming accredited (and maintaining that accreditation).

Accreditation Manager Certification Program

Kevin Rhea, ALEAP's Program Director, is currently rolling out two new programs: communications accreditation and ACE. He is considering a third program that would be a certification program for Accreditation Managers. Kevin asked for input from those on the CAPA meeting to see if there would be interest in this type of certification. The answer was a resounding YES! This information was relayed to Kevin and he will keep us all in the loop about where the program is headed.

Mock Assessments

CAPA is going to work with Kevin Rhea to compile a set of instructions on how to complete a mock assessment. Although these assessments are not required, they are very beneficial to agencies to ensure they are ready to go for their final review and on-site visit by assessors. Based on feedback we received during this meeting, many of you are willing to assist with mock assessments and you would greatly appreciate a set of instructions. We will get to work on the instructions and schedule a Teams meeting to go over how to complete one of these assessments. Stay tuned!

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