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ALEAP User Resource Guide

Start by reviewing the PowerDMS ALEAP User Resource guide.  This will instruct you on how to upload documents, map highlights, and label documents.  This is essential information to your accreditation success!


Accreditation Tracking Spreadsheets

PowerDMS is a powerful document management tool, but you may find that you'll need additonal tracking capabilities.  Agencies can utilize Excel spreadsheets, or another tool you can use is a web based program called Smartsheets.

If you subscribe to the software, our Program Manager can provide you with a template to begin tracking every aspect of your accreditation progress.  Here's a sample of what that will look like:


Create an File Share Account on the ALEAP Website

We've added all the tools and shortcuts that our Accreditation Managers have been creating and sharing over the years.  If you have additional tools to share with others in the ALEAP community, by all means upload them!  We will review each addition and then add them to the proper folder within the file share webpage.



ALEAP Standard Resources

With the release of the new manual in January 2024, there are some standards that you may need additional information on some of the new standards.

The link below will take you to information on the Craig Tiger Act, VAWA, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous People.

Congratulations to our Reaccredited Agencies!

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